Discours en anglais contre les armes aux Etats-Unis

Discours en anglais contre les armes aux Etats-Unis

1 février 2019 0 Par Edouard


Hello, my name is …… and I’m going to present you the goal of my association called « Stop Assault Rifle ».I am the foundator and I created this association 3 years ago.


I agree with the 2nd Amendment, guns can help people to defend themselves but do you think it’s necessary to possess an assault rifle ? This type of arms is used in mass murders for example/as was the case in Sandy Hook school.

Yes, a pistol can save life but an assault rifle isn’t made in order to save but to kill. Isn’t it a war gun ? SO, IT’S TIME TO REACT !

First, we have to limit this type of weapons in the United States of America and of course, in the future such guns would not exist any more. T he month before, during a street protest, a lot of people said to me that they hated violence and that they really wanted to react against it. SO, IT’S TIME TO REACT ! More than ever you can’t say « I feel fairly relaxed about violence, it’s quite impossible !

We need funds to do a lot of things like : to buy back the assault rifles of inhabitants.

Now, we have to compare murders committed in the United States and in Canada. Number of deaths are much higher in the United States : the average is 3 persons killed per 10,000 inhabitants and in Canada, it’s 6 times higher……and the cause is ASSAULT RIFLE ! Accordingly, you agree that IT’S TIME TO REACT !

Besides, to put forward the damage of an assault rifle, we have to compare it with a pistol. Each magazine in a pistol contains about 10 bullets but in an assault rifle there are about 35 bullets. Furthermore, the rate of fire of an assault rifle is much more important than a pistol. In fact, isn’t it obvious that more mass shooting are committed using assault rifles ?

To conclude, we have to react against assault rifle and we have to react TOGETHER, I need you. Follow me and please, support our association « Stop Assault Rifle » against the NRA. We hope you to join our association. Thanks to your money we are going to save many lives, each 300$ collected help us to destroy an assault rifle. Let our association show you the best way to live in a safety country !

I AM RELYING ON YOU to participate to the grass-roots movement Monday, 24th of May against NRA and assault rifle. Please join us and react now !